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About the Journal
About the Geology in China
Editorial Committee of Geology in China

About the Geology in China

"Geology in China" was established in 1953, bimonthly, sponsored by the Ministry of Geology (later renamed the Ministry of Geology and Mineral Resources, Ministry of Land and Resources, Ministry of Natural Resources) of the People's Republic of China. In the early days, the journal mainly published national geological policies, geological planning and geological science and technology papers. In 1983, it was changed to monthly. In 2002, it was changed to a quarterly, which mainly published geological science and technology achievements. Since 2006, it has been a bimonthly. Now, the responsible institution is the Ministry of Natural Resources and sponsored by the China Geological Survey and the Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences.

"Geology in China" is featured by the basic, public-welfare, applied-academic and devoted to reflecting state- and high-level research results, with the focus on the results of innovative, frontier, comprehensive and guiding research related to large-scale geological surveys and state-level key scientific and technological projects. It is one of the few geoscience journals with a long history and a long-standing reputation in China's geological community.

For decades, “Geology in China” has published papers on China's regional geological survey, metal non-metal exploration, oil and gas exploration, water resources exploration and monitoring, large-scale engineering stability evaluation and environmental change research and monitoring. It has made important contributions in the development of China's geological industry. In recent years, “Geology in China” still publishes papers in the whole field of the geological industry, and its main results are from the China Geological Survey.

The China Geological Survey is the world's largest geological survey agency with 7,500 employees and more than 1,500 doctoral degrees. Each year, the state invests 10 billion yuan RMB, sets up 10 major plans, 60 engineering projects and more than 400 projects carry out geological works, producing 400-600 results every year. The content covers the latest geological achievements in the field of global geology, such as: hydrate test mining, late Palaeozoic  to Permian shale gas, REE, graphite exploration, stability assessment of all state-level large-scale engineering projects and geological disasters, geoscience data and so on. The China Geological Survey authorizes Geology in China to give priority to reports, and all other publications do not have priority.

The papers in the journal are mainly from today's geological work and scientific research, it is highly time-sensitive and leading. New discoveries, new technologies, new data, and new ideas are endless. Many of the papers are linked to the Geo-data Center of the China Geodetic Bureau (eg, 1:200,000 Geological Map of China, Hydrogeological Map of China, etc.)  and realized the journal and the database to become a family. At present, it is included in 17 databases (such as: Scopus, GeoBase, CA, CSA, GR, AJ, ZR, CNKI, etc.). It has built a good communication platform for the world's geoscientists to understand the achievements and current status of China's geological surveys and geological research.




International Standard Serial Number : ISSN1000-3657,  CN11-1167/P CODEN: ZDHIAH

Established in: 1953

Periodicity of periodicals: Bimonthly

Responsible Institution: Ministry of Natural Resources, P.R.C.

Sponsored by : China Geological Survey Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences

Editor in Chief: HAO Ziguo

Edited by: Editorial Board of GEOLOGY IN CHINA (45 Fuwai Road, Beijing 100037,China)

Tel. 010-58584250, 58584242, 58584229, 58584208 Fax 010-58584229 E-mail

zhgdzh@vip.sina.com zhgdzh@mail.cgs.gov.cn Web Site http://geochina.cgs.gov.cn

Published by: Science Press (16 Donghuangchenggen North Street, Beijing 100717, China)

Printed by: Beijing Kexin Printing Co., Ltd.

Distributed by: Beijing Bureau of Distribution of Newspapers and Journals

(Publication code for periodicals: Domestic 2-112 and Foreign BM6075)

Subscription Handled by: Local Post Offices in China

Distributed Abroad by: China International Book Trading Corporation (P.O.Box 339, Beijing 100044, China)


GEOLOGY IN CHINA is included in database as follows :

  1. ScopusElsevier founded https://www.scopus.com/

  2. GeoBase Elsevier's Bibliographic Databases https://www.elsevier.com/solutions/engineering-village/content/geobase

  3. CAChemical Abstracts https://chemabs.cas.org/

  4. CSA(Natural Science)Cambridge Scientific Abstracts

  5. GRPGeoRef Preview Database http://previews.georef.org/dbtw-wpd/qbeprev.htm

  6. AJAbstract JournalPeферативный журнал

  7. ZRThe Zoological Record  https://acronyms.thefreedictionary.com/Zoological

  8. CNKI: China National Knowledge Infrastructure http://www.cnki.net/

  9. CSCD: Chinese Science Citation Database http://sciencechina.cn/

  10. CSTPCDChina Science and Technology Papers and Citation Database


  11. VIP Database for Chinese Technical Periodicals  (http://www.cqvip.com/)

  12. Wanfang Data Knowledge Service Platform  http://www.wanfangdata.com.cn/

  13. Guide To the Core Journal of China  (Chiese)

  14. Chinese Geographical and Resources Abstracts  (Chiese)

  15. Paleontology Digest  (Chiese)

  16. China Petroleum Digest  (Chiese)

  17. China Geological Digest  (English, Discontinued in 2017)

  18. China National Sci-tech Academic Journal Open PlatformISTIC

Main Honours and awards

2012. China's most influential academic journals

2013. National Top 100 Technology Journals

2013. China's most influential academic journals

2014. China's most influential academic journals

2014. National Chinese Core Journals

2015. China's most influential academic journals

2016. China's most influential academic journals

2017. China's most influential academic journals

2017. The 4th China Fine Journal of Science and Technology

2018. China's most influential academic journals

2018. National Chinese Core Journals

2019. 21 papers won Top Academic Papers of Chinese Fine Scientific Journals (F5000) .

2019. A paper selected as the 4th China Excellent Scientific and Technical Papers.

2019. Geology in China Selected as Exhibition Journal of "Excellent Journals Celebrating 70th Anniversary of Founding of People's Republic of China".

2019. China Outstanding Academic Journal of International Influence.

2019. National Chinese Core Journals.




Special Issues and Important Columns since 2013

2013. Special Issue of Sinoprob (2013,Vol.40,No.3)

2014. Special Issue on Comparison of Geological and metallogenic law within the

China-Mongolia border region and its neighboring areas(2014, Vol. 41, No.4)

2014. Issues on Ore-forming Mechamism and Prediction of Rich Iron-ore in China

(2014, Vol. 41, No.6)

2015. Special Issue of Study on Geological and Metallogenic Regularity of the Important Metallogenic Belt in Northwest China2015 ,Vol. 42, No.3

2015. Special Issue of Study on Magmatic,Metamorphic and Mineralization of Orogenic Belt2015, Vol. 42, No.5)

2016. Special Issue on Progress in the Complilation of Regional Geology of China

(2016 Vol. 43, No.3)

2016. Special Issue of Sinoprob (2016,Vol.43,No.5)

2017. Columns (2017,Vol.44,No.1-6)

No.1: Land energy plan (shale gas, oil and gas)

No.2: Important mineral resources plan (uranium, lithium, graphite deposits)

No.3: Marine geological survey plan (gas hydrate production test in South China Sea)

No.4: The world geological plan (South America, Tianshan geology)

No.5: Geological disaster prevention and prevention plan (earthquake, landslide,

Regional crustal stability)

No.6: Urban geological survey plan (city crustal stability, geothermal)

         Supplement: Geoscientific data and discovery (1)

2018. Columns (2018,Vol.45,No.1-6)

No.1: Marine geological survey plan (gas hydrate production test in South China Sea)

No.2: Land energy plan (shale gas, oil and gas)

No.3: Important mineral resources plan (uranium, lithium, graphite deposits)

No. 4: Science and technology innovation plan (Heilongjiang Science Experiment Well

 “Songke Well No.2”, depth 7018m, penetrating the Cretaceous)

No.5: The world geological plan (Southeast Asia, Tianshan geology)

No.6: Urban geological survey plan (city crustal stability, geothermal, dry hotrock )

         Supplement: Geoscientific data and discovery (2, 3)

2019 Columns (2019,Vol.46,No.1-6)

          No.1: Geology and Mineral Resources survey engineering of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau (Tibet plateau structure, ophiolite, chromite, oil and gas)

          No.2: Geological disasters, ecologically fragile areas, karst areas, hydrogeological survey engineering (landslides, subsidence, debris flows, groundwater)

          No.3: Urban geological survey engineering (development and utilization of urban underground space, evaluation of urban foundation stability)

          No. 4: Deep geological survey engineering (magnetic, electrical, and gravity methods for detecting deep metal mineral resources and geological structures)

          No.5: Deep geological survey engineering (magnetic, electrical, and gravity methods for detecting deep oil-gas resources and geological structures)

          No.6: Geological science and technology support and geological data update plan (sea and land changes, strata, structures, rocks, age data)

          Supplement: Geoscientific data and discovery (4, 5)

2020 Columns (2020Vol.47No.1-6)

          No.1: Land energy geological survey and marine geological survey plan (natural gas, hydrate, shale gas, tight oil);




Editorial Board of GEOLOGY IN CHINA (45 Fuwai Road, Beijing 100037,China)

Web Site: http://geochina.cgs.gov.cn

 Tel. : 010-58584250, 58584242, 58584229, 58584308;

 E-mail: zhgdzh@vip.sina.com zhgdzh@mail.cgs.gov.cn

 QQ: 322408593

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