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引用本文:WANG Kai-ming. Shale gas accumulation conditions of Devonian strata in Guizhong depression[J]. Geology in China, 2013, 40(2): 430-438(in Chinese with English abstract).
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Author NameAffiliation
WANG Kai-ming Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Development, East China Branch Company, SINOPEC, Nanjing 210011, Jiangsu,China 
中文关键词:页岩气  成藏条件  保存条件  泥盆系  桂中坳陷
Shale gas accumulation conditions of Devonian strata in Guizhong depression
Abstract:Abstract:Using samples from typical sections, drilling data and geochemical information from the Devonian black shale in Guizhong depression of central Guangxi, the authors analyzed the accumulation condition of shale gas reservoirs. The results demonstrate that there exist two suites of excellent marine source rocks in the middle and lower Devonian strata of Guizhong depression, which are characterized by large thickness and extensive distribution, high abundance of organic matter and moderate buried depth, thus possessing basic conditions for the formation of shale gas reservoirs. However, the preservative condition of shale gas is very poor because of the subsequent multistage severe tectonic movements as well as the development of faults and magmatic activities in some areas. Therefore, the central and western areas of Guizhong depression with integrated strata, underdeveloped faults and magmatic activities seem to be the favorable places for shale gas exploration. It is suggested that the preservation condition is very important in exploring shale gas resources under the conditions of high organic thermal evolution extent and subsequent multistage severe tectonic movements. The preservation condition is one of the key factors for shale gas exploration in China.
keywords:shale gas  accumulation condition  preservation condition  Devonian  Guizhong depression
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