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引用本文:ZUO Qun-chao1, YANG Dong-Lai1, SONG Yue1, MA Juan2, XIAO Zhi-jian3. The data quality control and technique of the mineral resources potential evaluation in China[J]. Geology in China, 2013, 40(4): 1314-1328(in Chinese with English abstract).
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Author NameAffiliation
ZUO Qun-chao1, YANG Dong-Lai1, SONG Yue1, MA Juan2, XIAO Zhi-jian3 1. Development Research Center of China Geological Survey, Beijing 100037, China
2. China Geological Environmental Monitoring Institute, Beijing 100081, China
3. Nanjing Institute of Geology and Mineral Resources, Nanjing 210016, Jiangsu, China 
中文关键词:质量控制  质量元素  质量缺陷  抽样检查  可接收质量限(AQL)  质量评价模型
The data quality control and technique of the mineral resources potential evaluation in China
Abstract:Abstract:Exemplified by data quality control of China's mineral resources potential evaluation special project,this paper put forward the data quality control process for the very complex problem domain,systematically illuminated the essential models,methods and techniques of the data quality control,and briefly described the design idea and implementation of the data quality control software system as well as the related research achievements. Practices have verified the effectiveness,feasibility,practicability and representativeness of the data quality control models,methods and techniques,and the results obtained have certain reference significance and application value. The methods and techniques have a very good demonstration effect and application prospect, are suitable for the work of data quality control of various geological spatial data ptoject.
keywords:quality control  quality element  quality defect  sampling check  Acceptable Quality Level(AQL)  quality evaluation model
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