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引用本文:LI Xu-bing , ZHAO Can, LIU An, WEI Kai, LI Jitao. Source-reservoir-cap rock combination based on sequence framework of the Ediacaran system in western Xuefeng Mountain area[J]. Geology in China, 2013, 40(5): 1493-1504(in Chinese with English abstract).
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Author NameAffiliation
LI Xu-bing , ZHAO Can, LIU An, WEI Kai, LI Jitao Wuha Institute of Geology and Mineral Resources, Wuhan 430205, Hubei , China 
中文关键词:埃迪卡拉系  米级旋回  层序特征  生储盖组合
Source-reservoir-cap rock combination based on sequence framework of the Ediacaran system in western Xuefeng Mountain area
Abstract:Abstract:This paper divided and depicted in detail two second-order sequences and seven third-order sequences which are regionally well correlatable according to the Ediacaran system, by employing the research method of sequence stratigraphy “from lithofacies to meter-scale cycle,from depositional facies to sequence classification”. With the reservoir as the center, the authors mainly studied the temporal and spatial distribution of source rocks and reservoirs based on sequence framework, and comprehensively considered the matching relationship of source rocks and cover rock affecting reservoir formation. The source-reservoir-cap rock combinations in carbonate rock of the Ediacaran system were divided into 3 types, i.e., boundary type, transgression type and high water type. The findings indicate that the source-reservoir-cap rock combinations associated with sequence boundary in the study area have the most superior initial geological condition, the high water type is usually combined with the karst or boundary type, thus serving as another source-reservoir-cap rock combination with obvious effectiveness.
keywords:Ediacaran system  meter-scale cycle  sequence characteristics  source-reservoir-cap rock combination
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